Tuesday's gone with the wind...

This weather is really playing with my mind! Yesterday it was awfully hot, and today it suddenly became chilly. So for the last days I really fell like I don't know what I'm  doing, so I'm improvising... It's like I lost my muse... If you saw her plzzz tell her I'm looking for her and she really needs to come back :(

בימים האחרונים המזג אוורי פשוט משגע אותי! אתמול היה חום איימים והיום נהיה קריר. בימים האחרונים אני מרגישה מבולבלת ואבודה, לכן הבחירות שלי לאוטפיטים אקראיות לגמרי ואני פשוט מאלתרת. נראה לי שאיבדתי את המוזה, אם ראיתן אותה תגידו לה שבבקשה תחזור

so what an I wearing:
top- the only thing I remember that it is 7 years old...
ring-it was a gift for my B-day from a friend (love ya!)
socks-present from granny :)

kisses, Juls

♪ ♫♪ ♫


stilettostetico said...

WOoow AND just like your top's so sexy/exquisite transparency I really like the way your printed socks tend to instil such a mischievous twist of "Retro GLAM" on your silhouette Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous said...

I love your style!!!i just had a look to your blog and i really like it!!!
thank you so much for your lovely comment my dear!!!


and i follow you

Noa Raviv said...

great outfit! the socks are so pretty with the shoes!