/!?...!@#$%^&* DiStUrBiA *&^%%$#^$%

It's pretty hard to think fashionable when all my clothes are packed in boxes and I can barely find myself in all this mess!!! The deal is that I'm moving next week with my boyfriend, and I'm nearly to have a nervous breakdown because all of that packing, can any body kill me now?!!!! Moving is very hard for me, I hate packing and unpacking so I look for the moving day with a big horor, meanwhile I'm working around the clock and having almost no sleep!!! I just want all of this behind me! The only possitive thought is that in a week, more or less, I will be in my new house.... and with this thought I'll try to get some sleep... Gnight!!!


Star-Light said...

great outfit!

and i love that song and video!

Mekinking said...

well, this outfit is just perfect, there's nothing more to say :)