Sailor Chic

Maybe it's not this season hotest, but in my opinion the Sailor Chic, that been influencing the fashion for many years, is one of the most uniqe and hottest styles ever and will stay relevant for many more years.
I'm looking for a "sailor style" dress for a long time but still didn't manage to put my hands on a perfect one, so for now I only looking on the photos and drooling... :(

אולי זה לא הסגנון החם של העונה, אבל לדעתי הסיילור שיק (סגנון מלחים), שמשפיע על האופנה כבר הרבה שנים, הוא אחד הסגנונות המיוחדים והיפים ביותר שיש, ולא הולך להיעלם בקרוב.
אני מחפשת שמלת מלחים כבר המון זמן ועדיין לא מצאתי שום דבר מעניין, אז כרגע נשאר רק להתבונן בתמונות ולהזיל ריר...

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl, my number one choice dress!!!

the one from the left is Sonya Rykiel spring 2007, the other 2 are unknown...

Kenzo's Spring 2006

 not dresses ,but still very nice, Vogue Korea June 2010 'Sail Away' Photo shoot

Nautical Fashion Photo shoot

Seaworthy Photo shoot, maxi dress, ideal for this summer!

Have a nice week everyone!!!
!!!שבוע טוב לכולנו

kisses, Juls


Miss.Fatii said...

Thanks a lot for your comment, I really feel so happy for that (:
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Fatastic post too, kisses <3

saray said...

תמיד מזכיר לי את השמלות שהייתי לובשת בילדותי :)

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rebecca said...

I love nautical stuff - even my coat has that theme!!


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I know! I'm totally into that Sailor Chic/Nautical style and here's it's pretty popular. I've even designed some headbands for my line inspired by the style and I wear them every single time I can. =)


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Lauren said...

Loving the nautical style! Great pictures xx

KC said...

i love the sailor trend, really. cute blog.. thanks for your comment, btw.

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Hey Julia, thanks for the comment!

I LOVE Blair and Gossip Girl, as well as Aaliyah, so I'm definitely going to follow you! Please follow back =) xo


Taylor Sterling said...

i am a huge fan of nautical fashion. These are great examples!

Lisa said...

nice blog. I love all the different photos. Check out my blog if you like.


I_Wanna_Be said...

oooh i love leighton meester ! her style is sooo great. Here sailor style, yes this is perfect

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Sjaar said...

i kinda like the sailor style! But right now its overdone everything has it.. Nice blog you have!
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Anna Katrina said...

i love sailor inspired dresses they are so cute!

Anna Katrina
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ChiaraDeLuca said...

I love your blog !!
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Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love sailor! It is so fresh! I really think some trends are not trends, but classics. But like you I have not found the perfect sailor item to add to my wardrobe.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I really like your blog and your style. I will follow you to see what you are up to next! If you would like to follow me you are most welcome!

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I love Blair Waldorf's style...
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great! I especially love the middle dress on the second picture and the right, white one of the nautical shoot.
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Oh I really like it and the pictures from vogue are really nice! xo

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YEAH Blair!!!!!
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it's me olympia from in search of my own seth cohen and the perect outfit

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michalooshla said...

על-זמני. מאוד אוהבת